Our Mission. Education for everyone.

Fostering Education aims to support a small group of motivated Nicaraguan students in the pursuit of an education. We believe that education is a basic human right and has the ability to empower individuals and transform lives.

Our students contribute to environmental and social programs in the Jalapa Valley, extending the benefits of their education to their communities and beyond.



Our Approach. Providing help to those in need.

In one of the poorest regions in the Western Hemisphere, even the relatively modest costs of uniforms, school supplies and matriculation fees prevent many students from attending school.

To help them overcome these obstacles, Project FE links students from rural communities to sponsors in the United States. These sponsors fund their students' education at an average cost to each sponsor of 44 ¢ per day.

Project FE competitively selects students based on financial need, academic qualifications, personal statements and recommendations. Accepted students participate in service projects in their communities such as reforestation efforts, tutoring and health services outreach.

Our Goal. Building bridges between communities.

A Project FE scholarship means more than books, uniforms and school fees, though these things can determine whether a child goes to school.

It is love and support that we hope to foster between sponsors and their students, between Boulder and Jalapa, between people whose lives may never touch but who recognize each others’ common humanity.