Meet Our Students!

Cindy Paola Lumbi

Cindy is a motivated and articulate university student, consistently at the top of her class. Teachers describe her as honest, responsible and active in her studies. Cindy received a competitive scholarship from the US embassy in Nicaragua to study English for 2 years, and as a result she was able to jump into the third year of a university English degree. She is an avid writer, gardener and a role model for her younger siblings.

Juan Gabriel Pinnell

Juan Gabriel is pursuing a degree in English from the Martin Lutero University (UML) in Jalapa. He also works at the Evangelical Church in Champigny, where he teaches courses on biblical studies to children in his community. He is outgoing and enthusiastic in his studies.

Yensi Anielka

Yensi Anielka is completing a 5-year nursing degree. She volunteers with the Women's Foundation in Jalapa in addition to the many practical service components of her degree. Yensi is the mother of a daughter with special needs, and facing economic challenges, she was on the point of dropping out when she received a Project FE scholarship in 2014.

Elizabeth Herrera

Elizabeth is a nursing student and mother of two. She studies at the University of Martin Lutero in Jalapa. Elizabeth strives to attend patients with love, respect and a high degree of professionalism. Her dream is to help people in remote areas who become sick and cannot receive attention.

Mary Leonela Cornejo

Mary Leonela is a warm, friendly and perpetually optimistic girl. She loves to chat and gets along well with her fellow students. She is deeply committed to her education, recognizing that it is the key to lifting her family out of poverty. Mary recently received her high school degree and has begun her nursing studies at University Martin Lutero.

Mariela Sevilla Ruiz

When Mariela applied for a Project FE scholarship in the second grade, she struggled to attend school due to malnourishment. Several years later, she is a healthy and vibrant young woman who maintains high grades while engaging in community service. She has taken an active interest in horticulture, working with Karla, to plant her own garden. The fruits and vegetables she grows in her front yard are a nutritious source of food for her family and friends. A natural leader, Mariela also plays soccer on a youth soccer team in Jalapa and volunteers as a tutor for younger students.

Lilliana Espinoza

Lilliana Espinoza graduated with excellent grades from high school in 2013. She is now enrolled as a nursing student at the University of Ocotal and volunteers as a nursing assistant at the Health Center in El Escambray. She is incredibly enthusiastic about her chosen profession and proud of her work.

Migdalia Margarita Pinnell

Migdalia is a Project FE graduate with a nursing degree from the Martin Lutero University (UML), a course which incorporates many practicals at the local hospital in Jalapa. She is the mother a beautiful and healthy three-year-old girl. With a nursing degree, Migdalia will be better able to support her child and provide much-needed healthcare in her community.

Katerin Martinez

Katerin volunteers for an agricultural cooperative in her free time. She is very organized and this shows in her excellent grades. She also has good communication and writing skills and hopes to have an opportunity to teach older people who are illiterate how to read. We hope that Katherin will take on a leadership role both within the program and as a mentor for students in her community.

Ervin Araúz

Ervin is a high school student from a rural community called La Florida. He is one of three siblings and was raised by a single mother, who has had to travel to other countries in order to work and support his studies. Ervin loves to study and learn, and he hopes to help others in his community learn to read and write. He enjoys playing sports in his free time.

Meyling Membreño

Meyling is an excellent student from the community of La Florida. She's also very active in her community; she organizes fundraisers for improvements to the local school and church. She hopes to earn a university degree and use her skills to manage water and public health projects. She is especially interested in helping construct a health center in her village. In her free time, Meyling helps out around the house, works alongside her father in the fields harvesting beans and supports her younger brother in his studies.

Fernando Palmo

Fernando studies mathematical physics at the UNAN-FAREM in Estelí, Nicaragua. He says he likes physics because it allows us to understand important things that happen in daily life and also to broaden our knowledge of the universe. He was a top student in his high school, participating in science fairs and math olympiads. His father works in agriculture and runs a small carpentry workshop. Fernando works in the coffee fields during the summer months to support his family’s income.